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About Us

Instill AI founded to enhance the utilization of AI in the real-world. As many stakeholders are interested in leveraging AI, there are many different setbacks along the way. Usually the unknown unknowns block the way of having a working system. We aim to clarify the path for our customers and do the job.


How to successfully design and employ an AI-based model for solve a problem.


Addressing and solving problems in NLP, Computer Vision and Healthcare.

Data Ingestion & Analysis

How to ingest and process the data. Making sense of the data is often the first step in a successful system.

Data Visualization

Let's see what is inside data and what it tells us!

In a Nutshell...

We understand your requirements and build AI models to help you.


We love the newest models with the best performance. Old already-working approaches does NOT make you unique and may not give satisfactory performance.

Problem Solving

We need to address what is the problem and what makes your problem a problem. Then jump into the proposed approaches.


We design automated approaches. Mechanical designs do not scale!


We take the privacy of you and your data very seriously. Without a privacy, everyone’s efforts are at risk!

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