A Welcome From the Founder

Sina Torfi

Welcome to Instill AI. I founded Instill AI to deliver value to the AI community by enhancing AI's practice and utilization. I dedicated my professional life to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and their application in various domains such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Healthcare. It's been a while that AI is in the center of attention due to its superiority to perform tasks beyond human abilities. However, being SMART in utilizing AI is what matters. Our main goal at Instill AI is to DO SOMETHING IMPORTANT. Before starting an effort, we address the following:

What is the problem?

It's always the first step. It sounds simple, but that's the issue all the time. Not clarifying the problem may lead to paying the price later. We should first address what we are trying to solve!

What makes the problem a problem?

Here comes the next step. We should clarify what the hurdles are along the way? Why we need a new approach and solution? AND what are the unknown unknowns? This step is critical for designing a winning strategy!

What is our secret sauce to solve it?

We always love to stick to the state-of-the-art. BUT, the previous step may tell us: "wait! Why not sacrifice 2 percent accuracy for getting things done 6 months earlier?" So our secret sauce is inspired by what we learned previously and what our client demands are.

Two birds, one stone...

Of course, our clients care. BUT, can we have two birds with one stone? Now we should rethink our strategy. Can we have a solution that solves multiple needs? Does our solution scale? The last step clarifies and determines that working plan before execution.

We believe the above multi-step process brings clarity and efficiency. Our clients will have the answer to the above criterion before starting with us. This is our guarantee to make our clients satisfied.

I am truly grateful for your attention, trust, and support that enable us to serve you for the better.

- Sina Torfi (Founder of Instill AI)

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