Model Development

You can check the flowchart on the left to see our development mindset. You can request a demo to see how we are going to develop your desired product and what you can expect to see before both sides commit to a contract!

Image Segmentation

Utilizing state-of-the-arts for automated image segmentation. We are specialized in the medical domain image analysis.

Synthetic Data Generation

Utilizing state-of-the-arts for generative model for Synthetic Data Generation to protect privacy.

1. Get Labeled Input Data

We first need to have the labeled input data to design any AI-based model. We either rely on the data you provide or public domain data sets.

Note:In terms of privacy, your data is safe! It will be stored on local machines and will be removed after the model is developed.

2. Model Development

Then, the model is developed based on the state-of-the-art techniques in Deep Learning.

3. Demo

In this step, you will have a demo of how the system is working!

4. Final Step

We negotiate and enter the contract! That's all. In the middle of the contract, you will have unlimited support if anything comes along the way.

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